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There's an option to have a word counter on, and I see that you can choose the dimensions of your page. But I would really like there to be an option to either see the actual individual pages as you type or just for the program to count out how many pages you've typed in the module.


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This would be great! I've always used word processors that have page count and tell you where you are in that page count. It's how I'm used to navigating where I am in a work or how long the work is. Even though it is arbitrary based on page size and margins, it is still really helpful, especially when combined with word count: combined, they paint a more complete picture. If you have a ton of pages, but not many words on those pages, or very small pages, then you can tell based on word count. Conversely, if you have a ton of words, but not many pages, you can tell that you're formatting is dense with text. I think this is similar to an older one: campfiretechnology.upvoty.com/b/feature-requests/page-number-function/