Relationships for Locations


It would be nice if a location could belong to another location.
P.e. we create a building, that belongs to a specific city / town, which belongs to a country / region.
Currently, we can only link characters.

Alternatively, just some attributes to describe the relationship:
-Belongs to
-Is part of
-Is in location


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Adam (UX/UI)

I think what you're describing can be done already with the Systems Module! www.campfirewriting.com/learn/systems-tutorial



Thank you, Adam, for taking the time to respond. It is true, that I can build such systems with the System module.
If I can still comment, on how my user experience would be greatly improved, that would be great.

To me, it would be intuitive, to create a location and then create a child location to that location on the module level.
P.e. right now, I have a country, that has many cities. To reflect that, I created a folder / group in the location module. Within this folder, I've created those cities as locations. However, by that point, they don't have any relation to each other.
On top of that, I'd need to create a separate location for the country itself, which again won't have any relationship to the cities.

I'll attach an image where I demonstrate what I've described. In the image, you can see, that I've created four countries as locations. Then I created a folder / group for every country, in which I created cities or other noteworthy locations. None of those are linked.

And yes, while I could now go around and link everything by hand, wouldn't it be a better user experience, when I could directly create a child location on any location?
P.e. I right-click the Pelianor location, to create the child location Udargd, which then should automatically have a relationship to one another.

I know, that my comment has gotten a little longer, but I will attach another screenshot from the free software Fantasia Archive, where they use the system like this. It makes building locations and their relationships so much easier and faster.

This way of creating elements that create relationships on creation, could be used for other modules as well. Characters, manuscripts, species, religions and so on.

Thanks again for hearing me out.


Adam (UX/UI)

That's not really how Campfire was built. Elements cannot function as folders this way.

I understand the appeal, and we've even explored the idea once, but ultimately it would take a while to refactor our basic navigation to make this work and other projects have much higher priority. That's not to say we'll never do this, but it's not something I'd expect any time soon.


Roger A. Ott II

This would be very helpful in world-building!